Napoli is 2 to 1 Florence. Why is Napoli so strong this year?

In the early morning, several matches of the five major European leagues began. The seventh round of Serie A League was held. Napoli challenged Florence away. With the goals of Lozano and Rahmani, he finally won the game and won the seventh consecutive victory.

The only winning team in the five major leagues

With Paris Saint Germain’s cold defeat to Rehn, eight consecutive wins were terminated, leaving only Serie A Napoli to become the only unbeaten team in the five major leagues. Napoli is extremely stable. Of course, Serie A is also the only league with three unbeaten teams at present. Milan also made a good start, AC Milan 6 wins and 1 draw, Inter Milan 5 wins and 2 draws, without losing; Juve, which has not played well, has fallen 10 points behind Napoli in the championship. It seems difficult to return to the top four this year.

Napoli is 2 to 1 Florence. Why is Napoli so strong this year?

Why is Napoli so strong this year?

Napoli, which is full of combat effectiveness, is strong in the end. Even traditional strong teams such as kehaoqiang, Juventus, Florence, Udinese and Sampdoria were won by Napoli. A big reason is that after Spalletti took charge, the team’s offensive and defensive balance has been better, and the defensive hardness is strong enough. At present, there are only three goals lost, and very few goals have been lost. It can be said that Spalletti returned to the Jianghu after recuperating for more than a year.

Napoli’s overall strength is not weak. Among the starters are Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Lorenzo insigne. The two Italian international players are one before the other, and insigne is still the main force of the national team. Napoli is not a team that pursues absolute ball control. On the premise of balance of attack and defense, Napoli has a very strong grasp of counterattack. In addition, osimhen, Nigeria’s top striker, is young and powerful. He doesn’t score many goals, but he has a very strong ability to take the ball.

Does Spalletti really want to drive high and go low

However, many people believe that Napoli will eventually open higher and go lower. The big reason is that the team taught by Spalletti was very competitive at the beginning of the league. In the middle of the league, Napoli’s team began to decline. One of the reasons is that the lineup is very single. From the beginning to the end of the league, a set of lineup is used to the end, and there is little rotation, In addition, Spalletti’s preparation for the opponent in the second half is too single. It’s easy to be beaten back by the team that once lost in the second half. This year, Napoli has achieved the record of consecutive unbeaten in the new season after many years. The combat effectiveness of the team is stronger than ever before, and the young players are also working hard. But the fans are most worried about Napoli. Under the leadership of Spalletti, the lineup is too single and there is no rotation for a long time. This is Spalletti’s weakness.

Cannavaro once again courted Napoli

Indeed, Cannavaro had long proposed to coach Napoli. At the end of last season, the CSL had spread the topic with Napoli and wanted to leave CSL in advance to coach in Italy, leave Evergrande and leave China. Chinese fans paid close attention to the Italian with different praise and criticism. Returning to Serie A is a hot topic. Cannavaro said: “Coaching Napoli in the future? If I can coach the team I love most in my heart, it will be a dream come true.” “but now Napoli already has a very excellent manager, so it’s better to bury it in my heart as a dream for the future.” Of course, we also hope Cannavaro will not forget China and hope to drive the development of Chinese football through his own efforts in the later stage.

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